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Felony Record’s LightSpeedGo released their newest EP titled “Just a Memory” last month and is already getting rave reviews. PsykoSteve Presents held their release show at the Rebel Lounge last month featuring No Gimmick, Skip Jack, Miles to Nowhere and of course LSG! AZKAOS

Nuovo EP per la skate punk band dell’ Arizona LightSpeedGo. Just a Memory sarà il titolo del loro nuovo lavoro e farà da seguito a New Direction uscito nel 2014. Just a Memory sarà rilasciato via Felony Records, nota etichetta discografica di Hermosa Beach CA. – PUNKADEKA

LightSpeedGo has been one of my favorite local punk groups since the release of their New Direction EP in 2014. They create a great vintage punk sound that is reminiscent of the Southern California skate punk that kept me on my board and in good tunes during the 1990s. – PHOENIX NEW TIMES

Just A Memory is the new e.p. from the valleys own LightSpeedGo and they are having a release show this Friday at the Rebel Lounge and having some friends join. Skipjack from San Diego along with No Gimmick and Miles to Nowhere provide the support and they are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces in the crowd. – AZKAOS

Lightspeedgo (skate punk) premiere “Not You” off upcoming album “Just A Memory” – DYINGSCENE

Valley band LightSpeedGo is celebrating the release of their first EP on California-based label, Felony Records this week. The record itself is a no nonsense pop-punk slab of wax with tight rhythms, nicely blended vocal harmonies, and just enough sass to make the biggest Screeching Weasel fan smile and maybe even turn their cap around backwards before going into the pit. The three(ish) year old band is fronted by Rico Caldera on guitar and vocals, Paul Levesque on bass and vocals, JD Stooks on guitar, and Marty McDevitt on drums who are all vets of the Phoenix scene. – YABYUM

I’m glad to be a part of the Arizona music scene now, in punk rock, when it’s starting to come back. -AZMUSICMAG

Too often do I hear about punk rock being something of the past. “Punk is dead”, they may say. My response to that statement would be, has anyone checked for a pulse lately?
Tempe, AZ natives, LightSpeedGo are living proof that punk is still kickin’, and it’s here to stay. – PUNKFOREFRONT

The new EP from Arizona skate punks LightSpeedGo came out today, and you can stream it below. The EP, called Just a Memory, is a follow-up to their 2014 release, New Direction. Just a Memory was released via Felony Records. – DYINGSCENE

LOS ANGELES, February 18, 2016 — LightSpeedGo is a four-piece punk band out of Arizona. The band recently signed to Felony Records and is set to release an EP, Just A Memory, via Felony on February 26. Recently, bass player and singer Paul Levesque took some time to answer some questions regarding the band, Arizona, and their upcoming releases. – COMMDIGINEWS