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XDOBO VIBE 50W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

XDOBO VIBE 50W Portable Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerItem NO.: 46870186-china

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XDOBO VIBE 50W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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  • XDOBO VIBE 50W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  BT 5.0 Color Glare Audio Column Deep Bass Waterproof Cylindrical Subwoofer Speaker Waterproof Level IPX6 Power Bank

    Bluetooth version
    Transmission distance
    ≥18m(Open area)
    Play mode
    Bluetooth,TF Card,AUX
    Support mode
    Output Power
    Playing time
    ≥8 Hours
    3.7V 6600mAh
    Charging time
    ≤3 Hours
    Power input
    Type-C 5V/2A
    Frequency range
      Waterproof Level
    Product weight

    How to solve small problems during use:

    Question1: The product cannot be turned on?


    1. After receiving the package, charge it for 30 minutes and then turn it on (there may be no power to turn it on)

    2. Observe whether the red light can be turned on after plugging in, and the red light cannot be turned on, please contact us immediately. The red light can be lit, please contact us in time, we will tell you how to start the process

    3. After plugging in, if the red light keeps flashing, please replace the 5V-2A normal charging head

    Question2: The speaker is used for less than 8 hours?


    1) We have rigorously tested and downloaded the lossless sound quality memory card of Hotel California, and it can be played for about 3 hours at maximum sound. If the maximum sound playing time reaches this range, the speaker is normal and there is no problem with the battery.

    2) In addition, different sound sizes and different songs will directly lead to the duration of the speaker. Especially for songs with stronger bass, the power consumption of the speakers will greatly increase.

    3) Therefore, if it is just ordinary music with weak bass, the loudest sound we tested can reach 4 hours.

    Question3: Can't charge normally?


    Scenario 1---I just received the package, but I can’t charge when using a non-fast charging plug. It may be the product itself. Please contact customer service to find out the reason for the failure.

    Scenario 2---After using for a period of time, the product suddenly fails to charge. Please check whether the charger plug you are using is a non-fast charging plug. If you use a fast charging plug, the product cannot be charged normally. Please change to a normal plug immediately. If the normal charging plug is used as usual and there is no improper behavior (water in the socket, damp, electric shock, overvoltage impact, artificial damage to the socket chip, etc.), the product may be damaged normally. Please contact customer service immediately.

    Question4: The button does not work?

    Answer: Check the phone model and music playback APP. Some models of mobile phones cannot directly use the speaker switch key to control the pause/play function. It is recommended to change another model of mobile phone or music player APP to try again.

    Important: If you have any questions, please contact customer service.Please don't random bad review or dispute, we will solve your problems. Thank you very much for your kindly understanding!!!

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